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Massachusetts Insurance License

If you are thinking of becoming an insurance agent in Massachusetts, start with market research. You can be either an independent insurance agent or have your own insurance agency. Find out how to become an Insurance agent in Massachusetts and how to apply for your license.

Moreover, learn how to use Massachusetts insurance license lookup tool to check the validity of the license. And, how to check the agent’s license validity with the help of Massachusetts department of insurance license lookup.

How do I print my Massachusetts insurance license?

You cannot print your Massachusetts insurance license, because the state of Massachusetts doesn’t offer online license printing. You can request your license duplicate. But, you will pay $25 to process your request. Download and fill the required form and mail to the Division of Insurance with the payment check to the following address:

Division of Insurance
1000 Washington Street Suite 810
Boston, MA 02118-6200
Attn: Producer Licensing Department

How do I verify an insurance agent in Massachusetts?

To verify an insurance agent in Massachusetts will help the MA insurance license lookup tool.

The Division of Insurance offers a tool that will help you to find an insurance agent and verify the Massachusetts insurance license. To sum up, the Agent Finder will help you to find an independent agent or agency. So, with the help of agent name here you can make Massachusetts insurance license search. But, if you know the license number, it will be easier for you to find what you need.

How do I get my insurance license in MA?

You can obtain your Massachusetts insurance license with two steps. But, you’d be better to follow our advice and get prepared to obtain your license in this way.

Firstly, complete an insurance exam preparation course. Although the state of Massachusetts doesn’t require pre-licensing education, you’d be better to complete it. In short, it will help you to get prepared for the exam.

Secondly, pass your Massachusetts licensing exam. The exam provider is Prometric. So, in order to schedule the exam day create an account online.

To pass the exam, you should receive a minimum of 70%. At the end of the exam, your exam score will be shown on the screen. And, you will also receive a printed exam score.

Thirdly, apply for your background check.

After that, apply for your Massachusetts Insurance license.

Documents to submit for the Massachusetts Insurance license

The application form,  The exam score,  Criminal record certificate, and Payment checks.

For life, accident insurance license you will need to pay $225. But, for property, casualty or personal lines $300.

Massachusetts Insurance license renewal

You will need to renew your insurance license every three years. During that time, as requires the state of Massachusetts, you should complete 45 credit hours of continuing education. In addition, three of these hours must be in the subject of ethics. And, should be approved by MA.

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